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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service By Sliverlight Garage Door Repair Irving TX

Garage Doors Repair

Most people only realize that they need to avail of garage door services when their garage door is completely damaged and no longer functional. What can be avoided by regular repairs turns into pricey installation services. So don’t be passive when it comes to maintaining the condition of your garage door. When you hear a squeaky sound every time you open or close your garage, then something is wrong. When the chain drive is slow as you operate the motor to raise the garage door then something is wrong. You need garage door repair services and you need them now. If you’re looking for a credible and trustworthy garage door service provider, then Garage Doors Irving is the one you call. We are a household word in terms of garage door services in Irving, Texas. Our name never fails to ring a bell.

Our company started in the late 1990’s and we are not even close to retirement yet. We provide 24/7 garage door services to the residents of Irving and even for those outside the city. We provide all the necessary services including repairs, replacements of parts, garage door installations, and maintenance. We make use of the latest tools in doing so to ensure the quality of our work. We also make use of the best brands of garage door parts manufactured by the best factories in Texas. We want to provide the best garage door services and that requires the best resources we can use.

What are Garage Door Repairs?

There are several services under the category of repair when it comes to garage doors. There are many parts fitted together to support the entire structure and weight of the garage door. All of those parts need repairs and overtime replacements. Repair services refer to parts that are still functional with a little nudge, lubrication, tightening, tension, etc. We will determine if a certain garage door part can’t be remedied with repair jobs and replacement services are needed. Replacement costs more money obviously, but regular maintenance and repairs will make sure that your garage door would last a long time without the need for replacements or installation services.

The key factor in providing garage doors repair services is the familiarity with the entire structure of the garage door and the function of the parts individually. We are able to determine the problem with your garage door within minutes of inspection. This allows us to think of the best way to resolve the problem without causing any damage to your garage door. We can work with the most technical problems including malfunction with the opening mechanism, safety eyes troubleshooting, and garage door spring alignment. We encourage everyone to learn a thing or two in repairing garage door parts. Just make sure to wear safety gears. Most of the garage door parts are of high tension and metallic materials. A slight slip of hand might result to serious injuries. Leave the major repairs to the professionals.

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repair Service
Garage Door Repair Irving TX

Garage Doors Repair Cost

Most people assume that garage door services are expensive. Well, unfortunately that is the case for most companies. Fortunately, that is not the case with Sliverlight. Sliverlight ensures the affordability of our services so that everyone can avail them. We accept one- time payment and monthly payment. We don’t accept credit cards, only cash and checks. There is also no need to worry about extra or any hidden fees. Our refund and warranty policy is also beneficial to promote financial security for our customers. We aim for customer satisfaction; we are not after their money. We also provide a budget breakdown after every service. A budget breakdown is a list of the entire amount of money you paid divided according to the resources utilized and manpower deployed. This idea eliminates unnecessary questions and confusion between us and our customers.

Some of our customers were surprised when we handed them the total amount. They were stunned to see how cheap our service fees were. Well, it’s not cheap, it’s reasonable. No worries though, the amount of money we charge afterwards isn’t equal to the quality of our work. Here in Sliverlight Garage Door Repair, quality is more important than quantity. We will also conduct a post- inspection with the customers. This way, we can make sure that everything is fixed and all the parts are well- fitted. Like we said, give us a call and that’s it. We promise you, no regrets. In fact, we encourage everyone to commission Sliverlight’s services in taking care of your garage doors full time.

Importance of Garage Door Repair Services

A well- maintained garage door means a well- secured house or commercial property. This might sound crazy but there have been many reports of property crimes and trespassing with criminals making their way through the garage door. A garage door without regular maintenance is easy to break in to. The panels are brittle which makes it easy to disassemble. The side metallic tracks aren’t aligned making it easy to move the rollers up. We are talking about the safety of people here. This is not about the money and recognition. We consider what we do as a “social responsibility.” A task, assigned to us to help the people the best way we can. Garage door repair, replacements, installations, and maintenance is our way.

So for everyone interested with what we have to offer, give us a call and we’ll process your requests as soon as possible. If you want, you can visit our office so we can talk in person. We can discuss the problems you are having with your garage door and we can think of ideas to fix them together. For more information about our garage doors repair services, visit our website and click on services. You can also leave us feedback, suggestions, and complaints. We are eager to improve our services and we need your help in doing so. So remember, when you’re having trouble with your garage door, you know who to call. Sliverlight at your service, 24/7.

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