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Garage Door Opener Service By Sliverlight Garage Door Repair Irving TX

What Makes Up the Garage Door Opener

There are a number of different inter- related systems in a modern garage door. All have to be working if the garage door is to remain working properly.  Do not forget your garage door.  Treat it much the same way you as you would your motor vehicle.  You need to check your garage door in much the same way you would your car. For a more detailed inspection, along with routine maintenance and repair work, please contact us at Garage Door Repair Irving TexasOne of the most important systems is the Opener. One thing to point out straight away is that the main motor for moving the garage door is powered by the mains electricity.  You should leave well alone any exposed wires or attachments associated with the motor. If there are any problems with it, call us  at SliverLight.

The garage door opener is a combination of the electric motor, a drive which moves the garage door up and down; limit switches; plus the “photo eye” and the associated electronics. This works in conjunction with an external remote. We are familiar with all the major types of garage doors, such as the Genie, Lift Master, Chamberlain, and a full range of other makes. Let’s look first at the drive mechanisms that help move the arm, which moves the garage door up and down.  There are two major types: the chain drive, which is similar to a bicycle chain, and the belt drive systems.  These move a trolley and the lifting arm.

Why Garage Door Opener Maintenance is Important

There are also screw drive systems, which use a long screw rod.  This in turn is connected to the trolley, which runs along a track. You can see straight away that these are all complicated mechanical systems. For most of the time, there will be no trouble. However, parts will wear in time. Cogs, drive belts, screw drives, and the other parts of the system will need maintenance.  Even if you have the best garage door opener system, it will need looking after. Parts will need to be replaced. Bolts and fittings will be tightened up with the correct wrench. Moving parts will need to be oiled and lubricated properly.  We can do all of these at SliverLight.

It is best to have the whole system checked out twice a year. You can also do your own maintenance checks, which will involve simply involve using your eyes and ears. The drive system may be above your head.  You might start to notice more noise coming from the drive mechanisms. This would be a strong indicator that there could be a problem starting to develop.  Do not hesitate to call us at SliverLight.  We will send skilled technicians to make any needed repairs and adjustments. Also use your eyes. If you see a stiffness starting to develop when the garage door lifts up and down, plus a strain on the main motor, this could also mean that repair work is needed. Again, call us.

Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Openers Service
Garage Door Opener Irving TX

The Best Garage Door Opener

Again, if you need to change the garage door opener motor, call us at SliverLight Garage Door Repair in Irving TX.  Even if you are a trained electrician, items that use the mains electricity, are best dealt with by our qualified and trained garage door opener technicians. The garage door will have to be properly clamped and secured and all power sources isolated. There are also limit switches that determine how far the trolley moves. These, too, will have to be regularly checked and replaced if necessary. Another major system is associated with the communication devices needed to open and close the garage door from the outside. There is the external remote, which you use in much the same way you use a television remote. There is also the internal receiving electronics, which “tells” the door to open and close.

One very simple and common problem is the “photo eye” going out of alignment with the external  remote controller. We can easily rectify this garage door opener problem. We do operate a 24/7 and provide emergency service.  A technician can come around; reset the photo eye; and get you back into your garage. Remember that your garage door can also be your other front door.  There may be access to your house from inside your garage.  There may be valuables in your garage as well as your car. You will need to upgrade your garage security from time to time. Burglars can use “spoofing” or “hacking” to intercept the signal from the remote.

The Best Garage Door Opener Service

It is important that you install the best garage door opener.  We can help you stay up to date with the latest developments in garage door security.  This will also be critically important if you ran a series of commercial garages. Circuits can be changed, and remotes can be reprogrammed or up dated. There are other important systems that need to be checked and maintained.  Garage springs and cables act as a counter balance, working with the opener’s motor. Together, they smoothly lift the garage door up and down.  This is helped by rollers and hinges, which guide the garage door’s movement.  Again, all these systems must work together.

Garage springs and cables are under high tension. Due to work hardening, they will become brittle and snap. Each time the garage door opens and closes, the garage door springs move. This is known as a garage door cycle. In 10,000 cycles, the garage door springs will start snapping. They can suddenly cause the garage door to come crashing down, without notice. This can be calculated. If you use your garage door a lot, say 8 times a day, spring failure can start in 3 years. A garage door used 6 times a day will bring about spring failure in approximately 5 years. If your garage is used lot, get in contact with us at SliverLight to set up a schedule for replacing all springs and cables at set intervals.

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