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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Service By Sliverlight Garage Door Repair Irving TX

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Choosing the right kind of garage door is a big decision for every homeowner. After all, it’s not exactly cheap to put in a new garage door or replace an old one.  Buyers have to make big decisions on matters such as style and materials. Add to that, choosing the right kind of garage door opener can be quite an ordeal. The garage door installation cost depends on the type of garage door you have. At  Garage Door Repair Irving, we’ve dealt with garage door installation services of all types. Having been in the garage door installation business for many years, we have experience in setting up different types of garage doors–from swing out, swing up, roll-up. to sliding. We have experience in setting up different styles, too – from the more traditional style of garage doors that are made of wood and steel to the more contemporary styles, which are usually made of glass and aluminum. We have also successfully installed the lovely carriage house style garage doors and even custom ones.

According to a survey on garage door installation cost, homeowners spend on average of somewhere between $700 and $1,500. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Sliverlight Garage Door Repair for a quote. Our knowledgeable customer support staff will give you all the information you need to install your new garage door.  You’ve spent all that time, money and effort in choosing and buying the right garage door for your home. Now, don’t let it all go to waste through improper installation. We guarantee you fair and reasonable installation service fees.

Garage Door Installation in Irving, TX

When looking for a company to do your installation, it’s important to consider how long that company has been in operation. Sliverlight Garage Door Repair has been in the business of garage door repair and installation for many years now. This is why when you ask around, you’ll find that the locals in Irving, TX are familiar with us. Along with our installation service, we are considered the most reliable emergency repair service provider. Check out our reviews on Yelp!

If you’re planning to install your garage door on your own, we advise you to seriously reconsider this. After spending so much on your new garage doors, your next big decision is how to install it properly. If you do this on your own, you’ll need to talk to the garage door supplier first if those doors were made for DIY installation. Next, you’ll have to study the installation manual carefully. Then you would need the proper tools or equipment to get the job done. Save yourself from all these hassles. Also, avoid risking damage to your newly purchased garage doors and avoid further expenses. Let Sliverlight Garage Door Repair take care of your installation.  One of the biggest reasons why our company is top of mind in the local area is that we have the best professionals to do the job. So you can be rest assured that your installation project will go smoothly and perfectly.  Call us now.

Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installation Service
Garage Door Installation Irving TX

Garage Door Installation Cost & Services

As mentioned earlier, a garage door’s installation is quite a tricky task. It really is best to leave this up to the professionals. Here at Sliverlight Garage Door Repair. you can be confident with the quality of our service, as well as with its timeliness and affordability. There are many factors on which we base our cost. We will consider the type of garage door (swing up, roll-out, etc.) and the kind of opener you have. Additionally, if you have other needs such as insulation or additional windows, we’ll factor in those things, too.

Garage doors installation involves a lot of complicated work. Luckily for residents of Irving, TX, you don’t have to look far to find the best installation cost for this type of service. Sliverlight Garage Door Repair will handle the electrical wiring and installation of heavy garage door materials for you.  Usually, our services also cover the proper disposal of your old garage door.  The cost of a garage door installation greatly varies from city to city. One online survey showed that it can get as low as four hundred dollars to as high as three thousand five hundred dollars. Don’t fall into the trap of paying more for services that you don’t need. Also, beware of contractors offering the cheapest price for work that is not done properly.  Our customers are satisfied because we offer the most affordable price for excellent work. We also offer maintenance services. Call us and get a quote from us today.

Why Choose Sliverlight for Garage Door Installation

Garage doors truly enhance a home’s curb appeal. It also increases a home’s real estate value. Therefore, it’s necessary that you engage a professional to do your garage’s door installation. Sliverlight Garage Door Repair is the trusted company for these installations. We offer  the cheapest  installation fees in Irving, TX. Pick up the phone right now. After our industry-expert customer support staff talks to you, we will come up with the right garage door installation service with the right cost. Our quotes don’t have hidden or additional surprise charges. We also give you a visit to inspect your garage door and garage before we proceed with the actual installation. Again, don’t worry about your installation cost. We strive to offer the very best service we can give at prices that are affordable.

What do you get when you choose to work with Sliverlight Garage Door Repair? As previously mentioned, we are a stable company with years of reputable business in the city. We are a household name. When you work with us, you also get the best technicians to install your garage doors.  We make sure that we set high standards to protect the professionalism of those engaged in the door and access systems business. Trustworthiness is one of the other things you can count on when you work with us. We are fully insured and follow all federal, state, and local codes. When our work is done, you will feel happy with your newly installed garage doors.

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