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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company reliable?

Our professional team works with integrity, and we focus on providing security, not violating it. We have been in business for many years now and we have received very few complaints from our loyal customers. Our team of professionals has undergone extensive training, and the resources we utilize for our services are good quality.

How do I know if my garage door needs to be replaced?

When your garage door opens very slowly and you hear a weird creaking sound, it means that it needs to be replaced. When it closes at an even slower pace, it is time to contact our expert technicians to help get your garage door replaced.

Should I replace my garage door for purely aesthetic reasons?

That is up to you. It is not necessary, as a new paint job or some minor repairs can do the trick, but if you prefer to replace it, you can.

Do you charge a fee for when you visit to give an estimate?

No, we do not charge fees for estimates. But we only visit when the estimation involves the installation of a new garage door. If it is a repair job, then we give our estimate over the phone based on your description, also free of charge.

How often should I inspect my garage door?

Personally inspecting your garage door is easy enough and should be done around once a month. A professional inspection might detect some problems you might not otherwise catch, so try to have that done once or twice a year.

Does your company provide reasonable prices for all the services?

Yes, we do. Our company’s strong dedication in providing quality service also encompasses fair and reasonable prices. We are a company focused on providing the best products and services without compromising the quality.

Do you employ qualified employees to provide all your services?

As a matter of fact, we employ the best crew and employees who will provide you the best product and services for your garage door needs. They have undergone substantial training and certifications to be able to provide services diligently.

What can I do if my garage door track is bent?

If you accidentally knock into your garage door, which makes it bent out of shape, then you can use a soft mallet to gently knock it back into place. Alternatively, you can call on processionals like us to do the repair for you.

When should I change my garage door?

The best time to change your garage door is when you notice that it is not functioning well. It is then that it is most vulnerable to the jamming of the lock and breakage.  Another reason is when you want to enhance your home’s security.

Are you open 24/7 for emergencies?

Our phone line and social media account are always available for service requests. We also cater to services kilometers away from our office. In addition, our office is open to walk-in requests for more detailed discussions with our customers. We have enough tools and resource materials for all sorts of services.

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